• Our Vision

    WTxHITREC supports safe, effective, and meaningful use of health information technology and exchange to improve patient safety, quality and population health outcomes across the 108 western-most counties in Texas aligning with the National Quality Strategy and evolving new delivery and payment models.

  • Jose Luna, M.D.

    Chief Clinical Officer
    Centro San Vicente, El Paso, TX

    "The benefits of EHR adoption for practitioners include rapid and thorough access to complete chart information (including labs and radiology) and easier and faster prescription refills with e-prescribe. As for the patients, physicians can trend and graph results enabling them to identify trends. They have the ability to show such trends and radiologic images, online in the patient room, in order to involve them in their care."

  • The Electronic Health Record Opportunity

    As the widespread adoption of EHRs quickly approaches, the RECs act as your partner on the road to providing better health care and improved treatment outcomes. Dr. Farzad Mostashari and representatives from the RECs discuss strategies to bridge the technology gap and assist health care practitioners in providing optimum patient care.

  • Tamara Bavousett DNP, RN, C-PNP

    Owner and Practitioner of
    Compass Pediatrics, PLLC

    “Using an EHR provides a more thorough process of charting a patient’s history, physical, and exams. In time, we have learned to use our system more effectively. In turn, our patients are better taken care of. There is no “pulling” of charts, no “filling” and no “lost charts.” I can see everything the patient has come in for, diagnoses, prescriptions, labs, and referrals. The EHR has helped me become a better health care provider.”

Who We Are

Who We Are

WTxHITREC is a program of the F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center focusing on the Health Information Technology needs of health care providers and hospitals in West Texas.

WTxHITREC supports providers in selecting, implementing, and achieving meaningful use of certified EHR products through technical on-site assistance, guidance, and education of best practices, in addition to, assisting with practice management solutions ranging from multiple practice sites and hospital systems.

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Membership Value

Membership Value

WTxHITREC aims to help improve practice efficiency, patient care, maximize revenue, and increase the quality of work/life balance for health care providers and hospitals through the adoption of EHR systems and practice management solutions.

WTxHITREC is designed to support providers at all levels of HIT adoption--from providers who need help selecting the right EHR product for their practice, to advanced users of EHRs who are looking to optimize their use of HIT.

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Meaninful Use

Meaningful Use

Achieving meaningful use has multiple benefits for providers and hospitals ranging from improvement in quality of care for patients, access of timely medical information and history, and reaping the financial benefits in the form of ARRA incentives.

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News & Events

Telemedicine Questions?
WTxHITREC has teamed up with the Telemedicine Department and TexLa TRC to help support the telehealth movement, contact your WTxHITREC to learn more!
Medicaid Physician Specialist Program now available! Services are federally funded through the Texas Health & Human Services Commission; ALL COSTS are covered for eligible physicians!
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Texas RECs Educational Webinar Series

Join our educational webinar series as we discuss the hot topics of Electronic Health Records with subject matter experts.

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WTxHITREC Enrollment

WTxHITREC is now enrolling under the Medicaid Physician Specialist Program. For eligible physicians, there are NO FEES to enroll. In addition, the WTxHITREC continues to serve all health care providers and hospitals.

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